Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) implements a holistic bursary support and youth development model . The holistic model offers skills and educational development which also includes a one-to-one mentorship programme to assist students with personal development. Some CRET mentors share what mentorship means to them below:


“Mentorship means I have the opportunity to provide my own personal knowledge and skills to my mentee. In the relationship between a mentor and mentee, each have something to teach and learn to help facilitate success.” – Ntsako Mathebula is a Deal and Payments Finance Administrator and a Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust mentor

“Mentorship is about creating a good relationship for both parties. This is because both parties benefit from the process. Benefits range from career direction, advice and opportunities. It is important for more experienced and senior individuals to share the experience and knowledge with those that are emerging, and also be their sounding board.”Phindile Khulu is an accountant and Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust mentor.
“I advise mentees to take ownership of their careers, recognise that they are in a learning phase by remaining  observant, and be willing to absorb as much as possible by asking many questions during the process.” – Ngaka Andrias Lesala is a Managing Director and Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust mentor.