KwaZulu-Natal experienced severe and deadly floods, with lives lost and many injured.  Further the floods cause widespread damage to many homes, schools and community facilities. Many families, schools and learners were left displaced and are currently picking up the pieces following this tragedy. More than 600 schools were affected, with 124 Schools seriously damaged. Over a hundred schools were left completely inaccessible and several learners from adopted schools were affected. Adopt-a-School Foundation has undertaken extensive research to explore the impact of the floods on our school communities. Many families experienced the loss of resources including the following:

  • Uniform items such as trousers, shirts, jerseys, school shoes, socks, blazers, belts etc
  • Clothing items such as underwear, clothing for home, dignity packs such as sanitary pads and toiletries etc
  • Educational items such as textbooks, book bags, stationery, laptops and tablets
  • Food parcels
  • Personal identification documents

Adopt-a-School aims to provide much-needed support to our learners, families and our school communities, through a KZN Floods Relief Campaign. To support these learners and their families meaningfully, we call upon our partners and loyal supporters to restore the dignity of these families by simply donating a minimum of R500 towards these basic necessities to help make a difference to those affected by these devastating floods. You can donate to the campaign here: and share the campaign with your networks, friends and family.