School Health Week, always the first week of March, highlights the importance of healthcare and learner well-being in education. Adopt-a-School tackles a wide range of health and well being issues facing our schools, including hygiene and sanitation, sexual education, audio and visual support; this with the aim of ensuring our learners are healthy and equipped for excellence in teaching and learning.

In continuing to strive for healthier learners at Meriti Secondary School, Adopt-a-School Foundation is facilitating a Health, Sanitation and Sexual Education Programme starting on 4 March 2020, as part of its Social Welfare drive during School Health Week. The programme addresses health, hygiene, sanitation, puberty and sex education at these schools by facilitating public discussions with both boys and girls about these topics.

“Over the years through multiple corporate partnerships, we have worked hard at mitigating health and social welfare issues that may hinder a child’s well-being and an effective learning process. As with the many communities we work in, the majority of households in the Meriti community live in households with low incomes and often lack access to basic health and social services, which impact learner school attendance,” says Bernice Maponyane, Social Welfare Programme Manager, Adopt-a-School Foundation. Read more here.