CRET implements a holistic bursary support and youth development model

Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) provides bursaries for tertiary study and holistic wrap-around support for students, including work experience opportunities. CRET encourages the ethos of “giving back” and develops committed civic-minded students.

Impact numbers


Graduates - since



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in South African institutions


Students graduated in 2020

Twelve graduates have so-far secured full time employment, ten are pursuing post-graduate study, three are studying and working, and five are actively seeking employment.

Basani Mabasa

The first CRET Alumni Trust-supported student to complete her degree. Basani was elected into the International Honorary Golden Key society and was the top performing CRET student, achieving 78% in her first year of BSc Biological Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Fortunate Kgauhelo Rampota

BSc Mathematical Sciences student at University of Johannesburg and semi-finalist in the 2019 Empress SA (Beauty with Brains and Purpose) competition. Fortunate is also a co-founder of Akganang Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of Sowetans

and help youth to aspire to rise above their circumstances.

Lebohang Mashaba

Recipient of CRET’s Nelson Mandela Award for Leadership, Excellence and Achievement. Lebohang was recognised for her ability to be successful in all aspects of the programme, showcasing community service, academic ability and overall leadership qualities.

CRET opened its doors for me to gain work experience and that is something I will forever be grateful for, I have learned many soft and hard skills that I will apply as I climb the corporate ladder. CRET is not just a bursary but it is home to me. They have contributed significantly not only to my academic pursuits but in my personal development as well. One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt is the art of serving others and I now strongly believe in the saying “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Ntsundeni Ndou

CRET graduate and current Master’s student. Ntusendi won third place in the National IOM Young Persons Lecture Competition for young scientists and engineers in the disciplines of materials, minerals, mining, packaging, clay technology and wood science.

The journey of academic excellence is tough. But it’s not only a test of intelligence, it’s a test of character. As a CRET student, you are lucky to be within an organisation that builds character and values collaboration and connection. To leave university with a degree, a set of leadership skills and great networks is truly awesome.

Kutlwano Sereko

A 3rd year BSc Information Systems student at the University of the Witwatersrand. Kutlwano was selected for the Huawei Seeds for the Future Programme and visited China for two weeks on a cultural study tour.

I’ve been able to engage with other CRET students on social matters in South Africa and exchange ideas of how we could create a better world. I’ve helped fellow CRET students with their academic work and also received assistance where I needed it. I’ve learned that sometimes when I’m not doing well, all I need is to share what’s going on and relief would follow.


All of us are want to become something and have a general direction of where we want to go. This road is never an easy one irrespective of your background, and the only way to become what you what to be is to persevere through the difficult times. And always remember to make good use of resources around you.

Athenkosi Fani

One of News24’s Top 1—Young Mandela’s of the Future. CRET student Athenkosi is an LGBTQI activist and motivational speaker. She was crowned Miss Gay East London 2018, and represented South Africa at the 2017 International Youth Conference in New York, USA.


Careers in tourism and aviation

CRET piloted a partnership with the Academy of Aviation through which 11 select candidates will undertook  a five-month SAQA-accredited curriculum in tourism and aviation careers. Modules include emotional intelligence, basic computer literacy, Amadeus global distribution system, leadership, basic customer service, basic flight attendant training, interview and job-hunting skills, entrepreneurship and job shadowing in industry-related careers.

Driver training for students

CRET implemented what is probably a first by a bursary support programme in South Africa in 2019. Twenty-five students received training towards attaining drivers licenses by the time they complete their studies. This innovative inclusion to the wrap-around support for students has the potential to improve employment prospects for CRET graduates. The project has been implemented in partnership with Drivio.


CRET hosted its first alumni Advisory Board meeting on 7 December 2019 in Johannesburg. The advisory board was established to represent and support CRET in various impact areas. These include education, health, finance, strategy and social.

- Chantelle Oosthuizen, CRET Executive Director

Mentorship is about building a relationship that will take the mentor and the student on a journey that will benefit them both. It plays an important role in the holistic support CRET provides to each student, and serves the ethos of paying it forward, which CRET instils in its students. Many CRET students go on to become mentors themselves, providing the kind of support that they received, to others. Mentoring relationships have numerous benefits for academic performance.