Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation is an independent Public Benefit Organisation. In 2019, the Foundation celebrated

15 years of programme implementation in education and small business development. This milestone attests to the Foundation’s track record, sustainability and commitment to social change in South Africa.


The Foundation has its genesis as Shanduka Foundation, which was launched in 2004 as part of the Shanduka Group.

The Foundation changed its name in 2015 following Cyril Ramaphosa’s divestment from the Shanduka Group.


At its establishment the Foundation set out its mandate to support initiatives to improve education and grow small Black-owned businesses. It committed to spend R100 million over 10 years. By the close of the 2019/2020 year, Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation had already contributed R402 million and additionally leveraged R1.296 billion through its partner entities to programmes that support the development of education, youth, SMEs and vulnerable children and women. Well over a million learners, students and emergent entrepreneurs have participated in and benefited from the programmes of the Foundation. This was made possible through the commitment and sustained support of the Foundation’s partners and stakeholders.

This report provides an overview of the work and impact of Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation and its partner entities in 2019/2020.

The detailed Annual Reports of the Foundation’s partner entities may be accessed via their websites.


The Foundation’s partner entities are Adopt-a-School, KST, Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust and Black Umbrellas.

Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation’s programmes are implemented through its partner entities: Adopt-a-School, KST, Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust and Black Umbrellas. As the Chair of the Foundation, President Cyril Ramaphosa, said on the occasion of its 15th anniversary celebratory dinner in November 2019:

The Foundation’s programmes traverse an arc of life, from primary and secondary to tertiary education, to employment and entrepreneurship.

The Foundation aims to provide strategic and programmatic impact to the arc of life that its programmes span, and to make a significant impact on the lives of its beneficiaries and on South Africa’s developmental challenges.


For the Foundation, progress in education and enterprise development are the most direct means to improving the quality of life for South Africa’s people and to promote the Foundation’s purpose to develop an inclusive and empowered society. This is in line with the National Development Plan, which notes education, skills and work opportunities as key capabilities for decent lives. However, progress in education and improved livelihoods are influenced  by a range of social and economic factors of inequality. Thus the models of the Foundation are impelled to being ever more holistic, addressing the multiple factors that impact on development objectives. This annual report provides an account of the meaningful contribution made by the Foundation and its partner entities in 2019/2020 towards fulfilling the purpose of the Foundation. The detailed annual reports of the Foundation’s partner entities may be found on their respective websites.