Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation partner entity, Adopt-a-School, together with Afrocentric, an investment holding company, hosted a health, sanitation and sexual awareness campaign at Dutyini Junior Secondary School in the Eastern Cape. The campaign equips Grade 5-7 learners with relevant information as they approach puberty.

“The implementation of the awareness campaign educates learners about puberty and their transition into adulthood, enabling them to make informed choices,” said Mojalefa Mapena, Adopt-a-School’s Programme Manager for Social and Skills Development.

“The programme has been important to support learners who from an early age are increasingly faced with challenges associated with education on puberty, relationships, sexual reproductive health and Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV/AIDS,” Mojalefa said.

Social Welfare is one of the pillars of Adopt-a-School’s Whole School Development model. The model aims at enhancing school leadership, curriculum delivery, infrastructure, and the social environments of schools. Adopt-a-School partners with a wide range of stakeholders, including Government, the private sector and individual benefactors, to implement its model at 589 schools (as at June 2019).