On 30 March Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation partner entity, Adopt-a-School, hosted a Donor Engagement Webinar with its partners to discuss the impact that Covid-19 has had on schools; on Adopt-a-School programmes; its donors; and CSI in general. The aim of the webinar was to make for a better understanding between the development partners to effect continued alignment and optimum social returns on investment.

Adopt-a-School outlined its strategy, the state of its projects, its funding models and fees structures. Donors applauded Adopt-a-School for the academic performance its schools achieved in spite of challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools in the programme scored an 80% matric pass rate.

An inspiring message from donors was that sights should not be lowered in the mission to transform education and overcome its inequalities. The need to grasp the digital and partnership imperatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic is central to this. The webinar called for internet connectivity for all and for educational development to play a catalytic role in broader community development.

Among other outcomes, the webinar emphasised the need for value in a resource challenged context; greater collaboration between donors; and sustainable psychosocial support for learners and teachers. Watch the webinar below.

Contact info@cyrilramaphosa.org to sustain Adopt-a-School’s Whole School Development programme and to provide its learners and teachers with the support they need..