On 20 October, Adopt-a-School donated Personal Protective Equipment as well as sanitary pads and personal care items for both male and female learners at Ingweni Phaphama Primary School near Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal. The donation was part of a Health, Sanitation and Sexual Awareness Education programme. This programme will also benefit learners at two other schools, Enhlanhleni and Lembe primary schools on the outskirts of Newcastle, also in KwaZulu-Natal.

Health, sanitation and sexual awareness education is a part of the Learner Wellbeing and Community Development Pillar of Adopt-a-School’s Whole School Development Model.

Adopt-a-School also recently delivered a donation by Anglo Ashanti of water tanks and anti-bacterial hand soaps to four schools in Gauteng, Diepsloot Primary, Diepsloot Combined, Diepsloot Secondary and Diepsloot West schools.

Mr Joe Makhafola of Diepsloot Primary School was thankful for the donation. “These tanks have made hand washing and hygiene a simple exercise on our school grounds,” he said. “We have added the anti-bacterial hand-soap in water tanks and placed them at points that are easily accessible to all our learners”.